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In a world in which eTickets and the mobile access with smartphones are gaining more and more meaning, we offer the Collector-Ticket to real fans as a chance to hold on to a lasting memory. The ticket is a high quality plastic card the size of a credit card and comes with a lanyard. You can find every event for which we offer the Collector-Ticket here.

Collector-Tickets work just like normal tickets since they have a barcode and a seat number printed on the backside. We aim to ship the Collector-Tickets as soon as possible, but depending on our order volume there can be delays. Please consider that you might receive your Collector-Ticket at the latest two weeks before the event. Please note, that if you order normal tickets and the Colletor-Ticket they will arrive on different dates due to their different shipment times. The normal tickets will arrive 3-5 days after the payment was received. Like previously mentioned, the Collector-Ticket has a longer production and shipment time. Please note that it is not possible to add Collector-Tickets after the initial order.

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